Pot 'o Gold

Chocolate Guinness Cake ft. Baileys Frosting + Whiskey Gold Coins

I debated posting this remix, but I decided this was a good lesson in self-deprecation over self-actualization, much in the spirit of my cake apprentice days. So just read on and trust that I'm working on my shamrock skills.

There is utterly no lack of Irish Car Bomb cupcake recipes on the Internet (in fact, I wouldn't entirely trust a baking blog that doesn't have one), so alas - this remix is not so different from the others. Except for maybe my (accidental) decision to feature an Irish Midlands peat bog on top of the cake, rather than a lovely patch of clovers. (But really, this fluffy icing got the best of me in this round - check back for a re-remix where I actually make shamrocks instead of mutant-pea-shapes).

Nevertheless, this cake is moist and rich - thanks to an overnight soak, a secret ingredient (chocolate pudding mix), and the presence of Baileys. I had forgotten how smooth, delicious, and versatile Baileys Irish Creme could be - I have been putting it in my coffee, on my French Toast (in the form of Baileys whipped cream), and it's not even St. Patrick's Day yet.

I think the rainbow gradient is my favorite part of this cake - I divided and colored the frosting in 6 separate tubs and filled 6 separate bags with #10 tips to pipe 6 rings of color around the cake, before using a hot knife to blend it together. Unfortunately, this rainbow turned out better than the vegetation on top, and I ended up sandwiching this beautiful creature in between the cake layers. Note to self: next time, don't.

I had the idea to make large "sprinkles" for the gold at the end of the rainbow, only to mild success. I had a  bit o' trouble piping them out smoothly, and this could be an instance where gumpaste or (*gasp!*) fondant is the better way to go, because it can be rolled out, cut out, and textured to actually look like coins.

But I highly recommend the gold dust (luster dust, not flakes) - you can find it at cake supply shops, some craft stores, and definitely online. The first time I ever used it, I incorrectly mixed it into the frosting itself, which had no effect whatsoever. Instead, wait for the frosting or fondant to dry completely and then use a small brush to paint the dust (with a dab of water, liquor, or milk) directly onto the surface. I also used this for the gold ceiling tiles in the Victorian remix.

You can also make rainbow tie-dye cupcakes by lining a pastry bag with colored frosting before filling it with white frosting. Voila - taste the rainbow.